CIC has been partnering with banks and the SBA since 1973.  We are experts at guiding both the small business owner and you, our banking partner, through the 504 loan process; accurately and efficiently. 

The process of navigating the SBA’s requirements for 504 deals can be tricky, but our team is deeply immersed in the SBA’s loan programs and our expertise can help you win and close more deals and build more lasting client relationships.

CIC Fosters a Solid Banking Relationship

When you offer the SBA 504 financing option alongside a conventional option, you provide choices – more like a consultant than a “loan salesperson”, and set yourself apart from other lenders, giving you an advantage in a highly competitive market.

More Commercial Real Estate Opportunities

SBA 504’s minimum 10% equity requirement can qualify more opportunities for financing – turning inquiries into real deals.

Your Exposure and Credit Risk is Actually Reduced

With a first lien on all project assets your bank loan will be collateralized at 50% to 60% loan-to-value.

A 504 Loan Helps Bankers By:
  • Mitigating collateral risk
  • Managing industry concentrations
  • Limiting collateral to project assets – leaving other assets free to secure other debt
  • Preserving borrowers’ liquidity for operations
  • Attracting new borrowers
  • Broadening your lending reach to close more deals
  • Setting you up as an industry thought leader by expanding your lending options

“We are committed to providing opportunity to entrepreneurs with the talent and experience needed to successfully own and operate a small business. It’s in our corporate DNA.”

Community Lending:

Sometimes you want to help a small business client but just can’t find a way to do it. CIC can be a home for those opportunities that just fall short of bankable. Our Community Advantage and Microloan Programs target those small businesses living just outside the bank’s credit box. The next time you have a client you want to help, but can’t – don’t say No; send them to CIC.

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