Stubborn Beauty Brewing

Stubborn Beauty Brewing is one of our favorite borrowers. (Oops, did we say that out loud?) It’s kind of like telling your kids one of them is your favorite. You kinda, sorta, shouldn’t do that. What we can do, however, is share how excited we are about their success and their recent growth. 

Stubborn Beauty Brewing recently took advantage of a $150,000 Community Advantage loan to double their brewing capacity by purchasing a 7-barrel brewhouse. That’s the equivalent of 40 kegs, or 1240 GALLONS of beer brewed in one batch. For you #beergeeks out there, this loan also helped Stubborn Beauty’s owners purchase two 15 bbl fermenters, one 15 bbl jacketed bright tank, and a 7 hp chiller. These hard-working small business owners went from home brewing to statewide distribution (and like, a gazillion fans) in just two years. Now you know why we love them!

In case you are wondering if their beer is as good as their business acumen – wonder no more. These guys brew FANtastic beer. A CIC favorite is the Nummy Nummy IPA. Oh, and the Secret Agent x9. Wait – Derp is pretty amazing, too. Uhhh, and Conqueror…ugh.

Well done, fellas!